Participant Journey in the TriACT Study

This tool is to help you, a potential study participant, better understand what to expect during the TriACT Study. The Study lasts about 1 month. You will have a total of 3 in-person visits to perform study related tests. You will also have 3 or more telephone contacts from a TriACT researcher.


1. Screening

We will speak with you to determine your eligibility

checklist swab pills-01.png

2. Entry Visit

You will be consented, receive your Study Kit, check your symptoms, provide blood samples, and do your first self-swab for measuring your virus levels

At Home-02.png

3. Treatment & Calls

Telephone contacts (days 3, 6, 10) to check your health status, 3 self swabbing collections, and daily reporting of your symptoms, temperature, and oxygen level

Your Journey in the Study-03.png

4. Final Visits

2 visits (days 14, 28) to check on your health status and provide blood samples