Rutgers - Synavir TriACT Team

The TriACT Study is part of a joint effort by Rutgers and Synavir to find an oral combination treatment for COVID-19 comprised of existing medications. This effort is designed to yield a low cost, widely available treatment that rapidly lowers virus levels, improves clinical outcomes, keeps you at home and out of the hospital, and reduces transmission.

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Dr. Jeffrey Carson

Dr. Jeffrey Carson is our Principal Investigator.

He is the Provost, New Brunswick at Rutgers Biomedical Health Science, Distinguished Professor of Medicine, and the Richard C. Reynolds, M.D. Chair in General Internal Medicine at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Dr. Carson is a board certified internist who practices office and hospital-based Internal Medicine. Dr. Carson was a member of the Clinical Trials Review Committee at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institutes and served as Chair during his fifth year. He was recently inducted into the National Blood Foundation Hall of Fame, and elected as a member of the American Association of Physicians.

Dr Carson's other COVID-19 research has focused on risk of infection in health care workers and clinical trials evaluating a COVID-19 vaccine. He currently is leading NIH funded clinical trials and has published extensively in high impact journals including New England Journal of Medicine and JAMA.

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Ami Patel

Ami Patel is our lead clinical coordinator.

She is a Clinical Trials Specialist at Rutgers University Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Ami earned her Bachelor's in Biological Sciences from Rutgers University, Masters in Neuroscience from University of Hartford, and Medical Degree from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Her previous research experience includes the Rutgers Coronavirus Cohort study which is an observational study about the spread of coronavirus in healthcare workers, and the Janssen ENSEMBLE trial, which is a COVID-19 vaccine study. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ami was a clinical monitor for the MINT trial and traveled to different hospitals in the US and Canada.